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Los Llaneros enjoy doing outreach activities with students of all ages!   We offer the workshops listed below, and if a residency is planned, we offer the opportunity to include students on stage in our concerts.  This makes our visit in a community all the more meaningful.  Including students in our concerts is also a guaranteed and proven audience builder!

We invite you to sample some of our instruments by clicking on the names of the instruments at the bottom of this page.


Los Llaneros offers a variety of workshops and clinics designed for amateur and professional audiences, ranging from school to university levels.   SCHOOL EDUCATORS: We recommend you acquire our Latin America Music And Culture Kit  prior to our visit.  Please contact us to obtain it and find out what to prepare.

1) Assembly: A Musical Journey Through Latin America
(adapted to all ages, 45-60 minutes)
This program  offers an overview of Latin American cultures, and their folk music, including the demonstration of instruments and vocal styles.  Explanations are given in between the musical pieces.  Includes much audience participation.

2) Assembly / Workshop: Cowboys of the Americas (All ages, 45-60 minutes)
Students are engaged in a fun and educational program that combines music, geography, and visuals to answer the following questions: What makes a cowboy a cowboy? Where did cowboys come from? What do cowboys do? What is America? What is Latin America? Where in the Americas do cowboys live and work? As the students take in this multi-disciplinary program and participate in music-making, they learn  about what different cultures throughout the Americas h
ave in common.


3) Workshop / Master Class: The True Art of Playing Maracas (Age 12 and up, 45-60 minutes)
Nowhere in the world is the art of playing the maracas as developed as in the Colombian/Venezuelan Llanos or savannas. Learn some of the striking techniques used. This workshop can be adapted to all ages, but was especially designed for high school, college, and university percussion classes.

4) Workshop: How to play Latin American Percussion Instruments (Age 12 and up, 45-60 minutes)
Hands-on classes on playing congas, bongos, timbales, maracas, güiro, etc. For large groups, some of the instruments need to be supplied.


5) One-Week Residency in Latin American Music (all ages)
Students will have an in-depth opportunity to learn and perform songs and stories which reflect the Native American, European, and African influences on Latin American and Caribbean music. The musical material and the cultural information about the music are adapted to the age of the students.

6) Workshop on Diversity: What Meets The Eye (college and up, 45-60 minutes)
This workshop illustrates how to dispel the assumptions we make about others, and it provides ideas on how to address diversity issues in schools, on campuses, and in communities.

7) Workshop: New Teaching Ideas / Music As A Teaching Tool (Especially designed for teachers; 2-6 hours)
Music is a fun and powerful tool for teaching many different subjects, such as history, social studies, and physics, and for teaching concepts such as cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. Music is one of the fundamental expressions of any culture, and as a result it provides information about the customs and traditions, the humor, the natural environment, the history, and the regional variations of a language. This workshop includes lectures, musical performances, hands-on activities, discussion groups, and the exploration of the  educational CD-Rom entitled “Latin America Music And Culture Kit.”


1 Arpa aragüeña

2 Cuatro

3 Capachos

4 Flauta traversa

5 Gaitas

6 Guitarra

7 Quena

8 Caña de millo

9 Tambora

10 Bombo

11 Quitiplás

12 Congas

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