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VERBAL STAGE INTRODUCTION    (feel free to edit as desired)
Los Llaneros (los yah-NEH-ros) perform the wonderfully energetic, melodic, and sometimes haunting music from the Llanos (YAH-nos) or savannas of Colombia and Venezuela, located to the north and west of the magnificent Orinoco (oh-ree-NO-co) River.

The music of this geographically and culturally distinct area evolved from the contact between nomadic Indians and Jesuit settlers starting about five hundred years ago. The Europeans introduced string instruments, horses, and cattle, and soon the vast savannas became home to extensive cattle ranches.

Hence, Llanero (yah-NEH-ro) music is essentially cowboy music, and it speaks of the beautiful grasslands, the open skies, the wide rivers, the birds, the mammals, it speaks of love, and yes - it also speaks of horses and cows!​​​​​​​​​​

Authentic Llanero (yah-NEH-ro) music is rarely performed outside these savannas because of its intricate instrumental techniques, and hence it remains one of Latin America’s best kept secrets.

Los Llaneros are native to the region and will whisk you away with their joyful harp, maraca, and “cuatro” syncopations, and perhaps get you to sing along in a song or two.​

Please welcome Los Llaneros!
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